Sangwon designs and manufactures equipment and machinery for the production of steel grating. The company has incorporated its over 25-years experience and technical expertise into the manufacturing process of steel fabrication, as well as the production of machinery and steel grating.

Sangwon's Projection Welding Machines are major work stations in production line of steel grating where bar assembling and welding work take place.

 Model SW-GW2-970/2

  • This equipment is a grating projection welding machine utilizing the series, Projection Welding method for two cross-bar synchronous multi-point welding, where by 26, 29 or 34 Bearing-bar(each 5-7M long) are set in the flow direction of the menufacturing line, over which 2 Cross-Bars are fed automatically, at right-angles, for the projcetion welding.
  • Rated power: 1200KVA
  • Max. electrode pressure: 180ton
    Welding width: 545mm-995mm Max.
    B.B Size F19x3~F60x6, I25x5x3~I60x7x4
    welding capacity: 34 bars at 30mm pitch / 29 bars at 35.3mm pitch, etc

 Model SW-GW-600/2

  • Rated power: 900KVA
  • Four column projection welding press with required attachment and system. Cross bars are fed automatically and one cross bar projection welding at a time to bearing bars.
  • Max. electrode pressure: 65ton
    Welding width: 545mm-995mm
    B.B Size F19x3~F75x6, I25x5x3~I75x7x4
    Max. welding capacity: 34 bars at 30mm pitch / 29 bars at 35.3mm, etc

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