Welcome to Homepage of Sangwon Co., LTD.. Founded in 1970, Sangwon has devoted itself to steel fabrication, machinery manufacturing, engineering and technical services.

Sangwon is one of the largest steel bar and steel grating manufacturer in Asia. Sangwon manufactures steel products in accordance with international standard and specifications.

The products are Flat bar, I-bar, Serrated Flat bar, Serrated I-Bar, Round bar in medium and small sizes, and supplied to domestic and overseas markets, also manufactures gratings of standard design and various other specifications to customers requirement of each project.

Flat-bar type and I-bar type of gratings with standard sizes are always ready to supply. Sangwon has been a global supplier to industrial, civil and public infrastructure, and building projects. In addition, Sangwon designs and assembles standard models of special purpose Projection Welding Machine.

Sangwon PROJECTION WELDER is an automatic welding press used for welding steel bars in the production line of steel gratings.

Sangwon has in-house DESIGN & ENGINEERING capability with accumulated on-the-spot experience and expertise, as well as an effective application.

Sangwon engineers and supplies Grating Production Plant and Steel Bar Rolling Mill in medium and small sizes. It also provides used facilities with renovation works.

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