Hot dip galvanizing is a coating practice of immersing prepared steel or metal products into molten zinc so as to have a metallurgically bonded zinc-iron protective layer of coating on the surface of the steel or metal products when they are lifted from galvanizing kettle and frozen.

The zinc layer of coating protects the steel or iron from corrosion in two ways, i.e. shielding the steel or iron from its environments, and functioning as cathodic protection owing to the more electronegative nature of zinc in reference to iron or steel. This characteristics allow to leave minor steel exposure of small scratches or damages as they are with no touch up, as it renders sacrificial protection by itself.

The coating by hot dip galvanizing has anti-corrosive properties for superior to other coating methods, is lower in first cost compared to other practices of protective coatings in general, lasts longer in life, requires less maintenance, and tolerates various atmospheric conditions and other environments as in water, earth, concrete and so on. It is a cost effective practice of surface protection on a long term.

Hot dip galvanizing is adaptable to coating nearly all types of fabricated and non-fabricated steel and iron products as wires, rods, sheets, strips, pipes, tubes, fittings, hardwares, gratings, handrails, stairs, trench covers, guards, posts, structrueral asemblies etc. used in virtually every sectors of social infrastructures, buildings and structures, industries, equipment and machineries as bridges, tunnels, highways, water treatment, elctric power transmission towers, electric poles, structures, equipment and parts of petrochemical plants, refineries, paper mills, steel mills, power plant, and so on.

Sangwon Co., Ltd. has been engaged in hot dip galvanizing works for its own products as well as outside requirements. It works as to the relevant international standards and practises.

The process of hot dip galvanizing is:
Surface Preparation, which includes chemical cleaning, rinsing, pickling, fluxing and/or abrasive cleaning. Galvanizing, which includes immersing operation in a bath of molten zinc, maintaining in the bath for an adequate time period, withdrawing from the bath and removal of excess zinc. Inspection, for thickness, uniformity, addherence of the coating, appearance and so on.

* Galvanizing kettle located in Banwol Factory.

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